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Contact Name: Tony Falasca
Company Type: Other
Address: 7518 Kilcullen Drive
City: Charlotte
State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Email: Click to Email
Website: N/A

Company Description:
How are you doing? my name is Tony Falasca, and I am the founder of Awiseway, LLC.
(Virginia). I have a program that will help you in closing loans, It’s called the:
“Home/Commercial Seller’s Loan Agreement” This program assists homeowners and commercial property owners expedite the sale of their homes or commercial properties. Let me show you an example and explain as I go:

You have your seller of a nice home listed price $230,000
You have your buyer who can only qualify for 95% of that $230,000
The buyers lender needs to see that 5% as a down payment. The buyer just does not have it !. So upon approval of the seller (cause he will be paying for it) we can step in and take care of that 5% (plus closing cost, if needed). You have a VOD (verification of deposit) first and then a cashiers check in the buyers name delivered to the escrow account 24 hours before closing. This will show that the buyer has 5% as a down payment. At closing, we will be paid back that 5% ($11,500) Plus an additional 10% administrative fee, ($1,150) Total of $12,650.00
The seller walks away from the table with $217,350.00 Cash! The buyer walks away with the property and we have our $12,650.00 Your commission is between you and the seller or buyer, Everybody is Happy!.

Understand that we can work with just about anyone! Homes, Commercial Properties, etc... Our minimum is $10,000 and our maximum is $1,000,000 So just think- you have a seller and buyer sitting on a 6,000,000 million dollar apartment complex and the buyer just can not come up with 10% ($600,000). If the seller is willing to pay for that? plus 10% fee, total of $660,000 and to walk away with $5,340,000 Then the deal is done!.
Just think how many properties the seller will be able to do!! If he can help a buyer with his down payment and closing cost!! Your commission 1-6 points!! The opportunity is there! what are you going to do with it?.

Thank You very much for taking the time and reading this, I hope that we can stay in touch and do business for many years! Take Care.

This Program is for the State of Virginia only! Any other State please contact me.

Tony Falasca
Awiseway, LLC.

Loan Type Specialties:
Other Types

Loan Rate Specialty:
Special Lengths

Overall Specialty:
Mortgage Investors

Awiseway, LLC. is a professional mortgage company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This company's loan type specialty is "Other Types". Their loan rate specialty is "Special Lengths". Their overall specialty is "Mortgage Investors".

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