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Whether you are a first-time homebuyer seeking to find a home loan at the lowest rate or interested in refinancing your current mortgage to save on your monthly payments, we can help you locate local and/ or regional companies that are willing to offer you the best rates. Our directory contains home finance professionals from across the country waiting to compete for your business. When lenders compete, consumers win!

Our directory will help you find the loan that fits your needs best, no matter what type of mortgage you are looking for. Our list of lending companies cover every aspect of the home financing industry. We index some of the finest companies in the country with a reputation for quality and customer service.

In addition to our list of companies, we also provide useful tools and information for the end consumer to answer all of your mortgage and refinancing needs and concerns. From a description of the different types of mortgages available to our mortgage calculator, we have tried to cover everything you may need to make your refinancing experience as easy as possible.

Mortgage refinancing is the process of paying off one loan with the proceeds from a new loan, using the same property as security. People choose to refinance their home when current rates are lower than their preexisting rates on a particular home loan.

How do you know when the time is right to refinance? A basic principle when deciding to refinance is to determine if current mortgage rates are 1% lower than the rate you currently have on your loan. Refinancing may be a viable option even if the interest rate difference is slightly less than 1%. We recommend contacting one of our professional mortgage lenders to help you decide if mortgage refinancing is the correct path to follow.

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